Palletised freight and real-time tracking with MyNexus

April 10, 2021

April 2021

Did you know although the 23rd of April is traditionally when we celebrate St Georges day, depending on when Easter falls the date can be moved. For example in 2011 it was moved to the 2nd of May because it clashed with Holy Saturday!

Palletised freight and real-time tracking with MyNexus

Luckily we keep the date and time of our delivery schedules. This means you do not have to second guess when deliveries might be arriving. All assisted  with our bespoke real-time tracking system MyNexus created by the bods at Pall-Ex UK.

Book, review and track your consignments. Use the dashboard to see the status of all live consignments in real-time. Advanced easy to understand tracking with an interactive map which captures GPS coordinates. Easily accessible consignment scan history. The ability to see proof of delivery, plus an in-built customer address book. You will need a password to access MyNexus on our website .

New developments

It has certainly been a strange year since lockdown was first introduced in 2020. The uncertainty of what to expect or, indeed, how long it would last. Plus the short or long-term effects on business. At Bottrills we have had to rise to the challenge. We have made changes to meet the new demand created by the surge in online shopping. Not just B2B but also B2C. We are pleased to be adding another Renault Master Luton Van to our fleet ensuring daily targets are met and goods are at their destination on time. While we look for another day driver, we, Joe, John & Karl, are taking the opportunity to get back out on the road, meet customers, gather feedback, and see the challenges faced by our drivers on a daily basis.

If you want to know more about MyNexus and how it works or more about the services we offer from palletised freight to pallet storage please feel free to contact us and see how competitive our pricing structure is.

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