Fuel Updates

Fuel Updates

Fuel Updates

Fuel Updates

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Current fuel prices

The chart shown will reflect the recent fluctuation in fuel rates and will be incorporated into our shipping cost to offer stability for your weekly planning.

The rate shown will vary accordingly and is subject to change, rise or fall, in line with current fuel costs. Please feel free to contact us for more details – info@bottrillstransport.co.uk

Fuel Charge Updates


Current Price


Base Price


Fuel Surcharge
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What our customers say

Exceptional service every day

Bottrills Transport have been key members within the Pall-Ex network since 2006 and continue to deliver exceptional service every day from their base in Chichester. They reaffirmed their commitment to Pall-Ex last year by becoming shareholder members which means they are helping to shape the future of our business. Pall-Ex is very grateful for their continued hard work and dedication to the network.

Kevin Buchanan

CEO – Pall-EX Group

Fuel Updates