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January 8, 2021

Bottrills Transport Invoice

Almost 54 years ago…

…before Albert Parker bought Bottrills in the early 70’s, Bottrills had been phenomenally successful in the local Chichester area as a Coal Merchant and Colliery Agent and Road Transport Contractor. Albert Parker continued to deliver coal in the area before making the company dormant. Soon after which Parkers took over the transport.

So, it felt quite nostalgic when we came across an invoice dated 1967 from Bottrill & Co Industrial and Domestic Fuel Merchants and Road Transport Contractors. It was sent to what was then A.E Parker (now Parkers of Chichester) for services rendered.

The devil is in the detail

Its interesting to see the detail in the invoice. The handwritten annotations and the clarity of the Pounds, Shillings and Pence column. Its easy to envisage  the payment arriving – a cheque by post, being checked off by John R Barton. Then the invoice carefully filed, and the cheque  taken off to the bank to be cleared. So many memories conjured up in one piece of paper. How will generation X look back in 50 years at what will to them seem our archaic accounting methods. They certainly will not have the pleasure of holding handwritten invoices.  And which of us will envy them the frustration of wondering what the password may have been to the system they are trying to access.

Looking back is both sentimental and thought provoking.

This emphasises that we cannot stand still in the fast-moving world we live in. Despite the current difficulties, its clear that the nation needs to keep moving. And as much, and wherever possible, continue trading. We have taken the next evolutionary step since Bottrills was reinstated as a transport company almost 3 years ago. Bottrills Transport Ltd  is now a shareholder member of Pall-Ex, the UK’s leading palletised freight network.

This major investment has allowed us access to a central hub. This in turn works seamlessly with hundreds of operators all over the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Having confidence in your partners is essential for the smooth running of your logistics. For you its crucial  to know your pallet is in safe hands from the time Bottrills collect it, as it passes via the hub right through to delivery.

Bottrills Transport Ltd hopes that the forward-thinking Mr Robert Bottrill would be proud and slightly sentimental about where we have taken his namesake company. The invoice is certainly a great example of working together and winning together and true performance through partnership.

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